About CAS

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Believing first and foremost in creative vision and personalization, Cubides Artist Services is an agency that guides and empowers the modern artist at any stage of their career. With specific attention to your individual background and artistic voice, we seek to cultivate meaningful and insightful relationships with each artist. This close partnership enables us to accompany you on your path to make the most impact in your projects. By utilizing goal setting, image consultation, business coaching, and our extensive network of marketing resources, we work to elevate every facet of an artist’s talent.

With an intimate understanding of social media’s effects on the public’s perception of success, CAS will provide you with an internet presence to boost awareness of your artistry. Our carefully curated network of photographers, videographers, marketers, and web designers will work with you to tell your story; understanding that audiences want to connect with who you are, not just what you do.

Whatever your pedagogical aspirations, CAS will promote you as an expert in your field. We will help generate performing and educational engagements, enhance your personal brand, and facilitate the often complex logistics of tour scheduling. At CAS, your ambitions are cultivated through step-by-step instruction and an actionable plan to achieve them, empowering you to thrive as a modern musician.

Emerging Artists

Open to artists currently enrolled in a degree program, or in the first five years of their professional careers, the Emerging Artist Program provides a customized suite of services that address the complex personal and professional needs of those at the start of their journey. 
In individual coachings, Karen helps emerging artists to develop strategies around their image, communication style, optimizing performance, goal-setting, and financial planning. As a certified Life Coach, Karen also provides a holistic approach to career development by focusing on work/life balance, setting priorities, and overcoming personal barriers to success. This individual approach is matched by a welcoming network of peers that participate in regular Facebook Live events, and a targeted curriculum that includes tools for individual and career growth.

Photo by Audra Lynne Creative

Photo by Audra Lynne Creative

Karen Cubides, Founder and CEO of CAS

Nick Laufer, COO of CAS

Aldo and Reina, French Bulldogs of CAS